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British Air Racing Championship

by Royal Aero Club Records, Racing and Rally Association

Handicapped air racing is both an exciting sport for pilots and spectators alike. Want to race as a pilot or navigator? Find out what you need to do to join.

Upcoming Events

  • 20 Apr 2024, 10:00 – 21 Apr 2024, 16:00
    Popham Airfield, Coxford Down, Winchester SO21 3BD, UK
    Want to get more out of your flying? Getting bored with the £100 bacon butty run? Then why not try Air Racing? With a race practice and two air races over the weekend, its a fantastic way to hone your skills. Also, we have great social evenings during the race weekends.
Latest News
What is handicapped air racing?

Air racing in the UK is as old as aviation itself. The magnificent trophies competitors race for each year carry names of pioneers in the history of flight.  Handicapped air racing is where competitors are set off at different times depending on the speed of their aircraft.  First one to cross the line wins (unless they get disqualified).  This is called a pursuit race.  Usual races are 4-5 laps and cover a total distance of 80-100 nautical miles.  Most of the race is flown at 500ft AGL or more for safety and noise abatement but the start and finish is much lower.

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